From the first tool fixture to final assembly and all the quality control in between

Manufacturing Engineering

RCM Manufacturing engineers utilize the latest tools and technology to translate designs into products that are right every time at a competitive cost and lead time. Beyond creating instructions, tooling, programing, and the manufacturing sequence, our team uses the latest simulation software in conjunction with the 3D part model to build before we build. RCM Manufacturing Engineers are well versed in the methodology for Technical Readiness Levels / Manufacturing Readiness Levels and utilize them for New Product Introductions (NPI) for several clients.

Gear, body structure, wire model

Tool Engineering

RCM’s Tool Engineers specialize in the design, development, and manufacturing of tools, fixtures, and equipment used in various industries that are necessary for the production, assembly, test, and inspection of products. Utilizing many Industry leading tools such as CATIA, SOLID WORKS, PTC CREO and Unigraphics NX our seasoned Tool Engineers work at 1/10th the typical product tolerances.

Our team must leverage not only their design abilities but also their broad knowledge of many different engineering disciplines (including mechanical, hydraulic, etc.) to collaborate with the multiple departments involved. By creating a clear line of communication between the Tool Room, Tool Operators, Design Team, and the Manufacturing Engineers our team can ensure that tooling functions with the level of precision necessary to meet our clients requirements for production quality, consistency, and speed. 

NDI (Non-destructive Inspection)

NDI is a testing method used to evaluate the integrity of materials or structures without causing permanent damage or altering their functionality, some of those include visual inspection, liquid dye penetrant inspection, ultrasonic testing, radiography (X-ray), and magnetic particle testing to detect flaws, voids, and lapses in material. RCM has ASNT Level I, II, and III certified technicians experienced in multiple non-destructive inspection methodologies at multiple Aerospace clients handling magnesium, aluminum, steel, composites, and other exotic materials.

Technician Support

RCM has staff technicians in multiple disciplines like Propulsion, Test, Avionics, Hydraulic, Electrical and Mechanical, and have been deployed to Space, Vertical Lift, Urban Air Mobility OEMs, and Tier 1 suppliers. Our technicians are responsible for the build, test and development of a wide range of systems including engines, transmissions, servos, hybrid and electric propulsion technology and other advanced control systems. 

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