Supply Chain & Content Delivery Support

Ensuring products and data arrive on schedule with no International Trade compliance violations.

ITC (International Trade Compliance)

RCM’s ITC team came to be as a request from a customer to help build an ITC program and a process to control and execute it. RCM became the subject matter expert and partner, in the creation of the systems that are still in use today. The team has a deep knowledge of aviation engineering & technical support, and they have been extremely successful in understanding and adapting to the changing regulatory landscape under the Export Control Reform (ECR).  

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Delivery Assurance

The RCM Delivery Assurance team coordinates with hundreds of customer suppliers across the country and internationally to ensure timely delivery of material. Working with the internal cross-functional team they identify and track inventory for multiple locations and work with suppliers to develop recovery milestone plans to mitigate shortage risks. This is accomplished by cultivating positive working relationships and contacts at these suppliers through numerous phone calls, emails, and even in person visits to their sites. All critical shortages, line stoppers, and AOG status get reported at the executive level by our team weekly, and often even daily.  

Supply Chain Manufacturing Engineering

These specialized members of RCMT’s Delivery Assurance team come from a background in engineering and are deployed long term to major vendors and or regions. Being on site our Supply Chain MEs can leverage their technical experience to offer process improvements for both existing products as well as New Product Introduction (NPI). For existing products jointly lead improvement events are aimed at improved yield and quality, lower lead times and cost, and as a byproduct hitting schedule targets more consistently. For New Product Introduction our Supply Chain ME’s utilize the methodology for Technical Readiness Levels / Manufacturing Readiness Levels to ensure yield, cost, quality, and schedule targets are met from day one. 

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Engineering Fleet Support

RCM’s Engineering Fleet Support team provides our operators technical solutions around the clock to keep aircraft safe and operational all over the world with priority on AOG (Aircraft on Ground) Aircraft. Customer service engineers are responsible for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and solving technical issues, identifying, and curating appropriate maintenance action and repairs, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations and aviation regulatory authorities. 

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